Thursday, March 8, 2012

Big Deal

Than you so much for this award to The Daydreamer!!

Here are the rules :
You have to answer the question to share 7 random facts about you and also 5 favorite songs. You need to make 11 new questions or use the old ones and nominee 11 other blogs. 

1.Do you enjoy being a fashion blogger?
Yes, we love sharing our style and ideas with all our readers.

2. The funniest situation in your life?
Once we were making a photoshoot and we had to change our outfits, at last moment, so we did it in the car while driving and people passed right next to us and they stared at us. So, we were really ashamed. (:

3. Have you ever done your own DIY?
Yes, Gaby has made some.

4. What is your biggest dream?
We would love to become professionals and having our own business.

5. What's the purpose of your blog?
Our blog is interest in showing Mexico's culture, including fashion and visual arts, such as design and painting. And we'd love to inspire people out there.

6. What's the history behind the blog?
Well, we are three friends interest in fashion and culture, so we decided to spread our knowledge about it. 
7. Did you meet friends on blogger-world?
Not yet, but we'd love to.

8. Have you ever been on concert of famous artist? Who was that?
Yes!! We love going to concerts, some of the most famous here in Mexico are 'Vive Latino' and 'Corona Capital', which are big music festivals where you can find some of the most important artists in Mexico and sometimes international artists.

9. What movie makes you cry? 
We cry a lot with Skins, lol.

10. How you imagine yourself 10 years later?
Being successful and being in the fashion media.

11. Do you like my blog? Why?
Yes, we love your outfits!! (:

Facts about me :
 I love sewing and designing cloths, and wearing them.
 I want to marry in Las Vegas
 I don't like nail polish.

 I love liquid eyeliner
 I love watching movies
 Basic and edgy items are my favorites

 I love neon accessories.
 Black skinny jeans are basic in my wardrobe
 I love going to museums. 

Favorite songs for now : 
Oberhofer- Away Frm U
She's a Tease- Datos Intimos (disco ruido remix)

Crystal Castles- Magic Spells
 Digitalism- 2 Hearts 

Joy Division- Disorder
 MGMT- Kids

Blogs we choose : 

XOXO, have an amazing thursday!<3


  1. Amazing interview :)
    Florencia Curien.

  2. wow, lot of thanks!! i love my sorprise and i'ññ post it in my blog!!
    you're amazing girls!

  3. Ohhhh tank you so much babe :D So cute !!

    Fi *

  4. wow just found out about this and i'm so thankful! thank you so much! your blog is awesome :D

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